Get On Board, We’re Going On A Summer Roadtrip!

Summer’s making its presence known. The kids are out of school, the weather’s hot and everyone’s going to the beach, their summer homes or simply out of town. With everybody in the house, it’s the perfect time to have some quality family bonding. And what better way than to bond with your family than to have a roadtrip?

The Perfect Roadtrip Checklist

To start with a perfect road trip, you have to have something to get to the road on – a car! If you’re not sure with your own car’s condition, it’s best to avail of a rented one from places like Avis.

Now that you have your car, make sure you have food, clothes, money and emergency first aid kit for your adventure on the road. It’s best to have a tent, in case you decide to head to the beach on a spur of a moment decision. And of course, you wouldn’t want to be like Kevin’s family in Home Alone, right? Make sure the family’s complete!

The Perfect Roadtrip Destination

  1. Black Hills of South Dakota (USA)

Up for some major US history knowledge? Take to Badland Scenic Highway and bask in the different historical sights that the United States has to offer. Gawk at the majestic Mount Rushmore and at the beauty and vastness of Custer State Park.

Make sure to take photos with bisons! You won’t miss them, they’re all over the highway! But don’t hit them, okay?

  1. Oslob, Cebu (Philippines)

If the family’s up for some tropical adventure, it’s best to take to the Philippines and to the island considered as The Queen of the South, Cebu. Cebu has a lot to offer, historically and aesthetically, being the first point of Catholicism in the Philippines and being home to fabulous, world-renowned beaches.

In Oslob, make sure to stop by the whale shark spots and swim with the majestic creatures of the ocean. Also visit its many hidden and untouched waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. If you end up getting hungry? Don’t worry, Oslob has a lot of fresh and delicious seafood that you can get for cheap!

  1. Toledo, Spain (Spain)

Up for a European road trip? Head to Spain and take a roadtrip from Cuenca to Toledo. Fill yourself up with Spanish heritage at the Museum of Santa Cruz. This museum pride itself with its El Greco collection, most notably, it houses the Retablo de Asuncion. Tourists flock to this museum just to catch a glimpse of this.

Best visit the Toledo Cathedral and Castillo de San Servado. These buildings will surely be a treat to anyone with an eye for architecture! You could also book a room inside Castillo de San Servado through Residencia Juvenil Castillo San Servando. That’s a treat!

Perfect Ending

There’s much to do and places to visit this summer with your family. From the United States to Asia and to Europe, the choices are countless and made convenient by cars available for rent like Rental24h! Say goodbye to logistics headaches, and say hello to a fun family bonding experience all over the world.