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Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA


Are you a newly wedded couple looking for that ideal honeymoonin order to take a breath of heavenly fresh air from daily life? Are you also planning what to do during that much awaited honeymoonlike how to hire an exotic vehicle, or which hotels, activities and restaurants to aspire for? Well, this article briefly lays out several such highly demanded honeymoon spots for your and your newly wedded spouse to experience the thrill of your ideal honeymoon.

1) The Big IslandHawaii

The best time for cheaper room rates at this destination are from September till Novembercompared to the highly pricy December till January. In order to create a costeffective experience, the newly wedded couple can observe the following tips:
a) There is supposed to be a wide selection of bed and breakfasts at Hilowhich although is not near any beaches but is yet cost effective.
b) The bus fares are also less expensivejust $2 per journey.
c) The couple can also access some excellent 4star hotel packages during the autumn in order to see the big fall in Hawaii.

2) Big Sur

The above destination is famous for its fantastic sunshine for most of the year from April till October. This destination could be ideal for those couples who want to experience lesser crowds and affordable lodgingespecially when the temperatures start dropping from August and visitors and surfers start to shift away from the beaches. Even though the autumn months can coincide with rains and possibly closed destinations, however, the spring season is said to be the most romantic times of them all with the experiences of its full bloom wildflowers. The newly wedded couple may still need to take their jackets with them as they can experience fluctuant weather depending upon the geography of the above destination.

3) Maui

The best time to visit the scenic beauty of the above destination are during the spring and autumn timeswhere the accommodation and lodging rates are much lower as compared to the summer and winter. However, the newly wedded couple can possibly book earlier for a discounted winter honeymoon for this destination in order to enjoy surfing on the beaches. You may need to access the cheaper bus fares and can experience the hassle in taking collision insurance by some car rental agencieshence you may need to remember your car or vehicle insurance policy.

4) Sanibel Island

The ideal time to visit the above destination is from December till Aprilwith the additional option to book an early summer holiday in May or Junebefore experiencing the bad storms. This destination is famous for its kaleidoscopic beach weather and atmosphere. It is advised to take in note about the metered parking at the beaches and it is also ideal to book you hotel near to specific area you want to visit at Sanibel island.


The newly wedded couple must bear in mind about the charges and extra costs that can incur especially if they desire to hire an exotic vehicle, or to book the honeymoon at the best time of the year. Obviously, all the costs, benefits and limitations must be weighed in order to chalk out the ideal romantic honeymoon for the welldeserved couple in concern.