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5 Must-Have Mobile Applications for Your Trip

There are over a million apps available serving different purposes day in day out. While out there for a vacation, there are some apps that will genuinely bring improvement to your vacation. Some of these apps are like for instance Google translate, Tripit, rental24h app and many more. Herein are musthave mobile applications for your trip;

WiFi Map


This app is there to let you as a traveler the nearest wireless connection location. This is arrived at by doing a thorough scan of the surrounding you will be at a specific time and check through a database of millions of hotspots that have been at that time been updated by the users of this app.

This app will also include any other password that you will require. You will be shown any free version networks that are within a little some miles away from your search or current location. On the other hand, for the paid versions, you will be required to download the whole citys WiFi maps in advance so that you will use it while offline.



This is another great and popular traveling apps you need to consider having before you set off for a vacation. This will help in making the first track on even those complex itineraries without you doing a manual search in details of every hotel, flight or car rental.

If for instance, you made your booking online, all you will do is forwarding the confirmation email. This app in most cases will reorganize and updating your itinerary is automatically done. Once you are done, you need to start the app and allow it to download some of the latest updates. After the downloading process has been completed, you have an opportunity of accessing your itinerary even while offline.

Google Maps

This is actually the best and easy to use mobile navigation app that exists. All you will need as a traveler is internet connection so that you will find new locations. With it, you can also save many different maps to use them later when you go offline. The GPS in our phones works even without the signal of the cell and a person can get public transit and driving directions without an internet connection.



In fact, this is the biggest name in town in terms of user reviews of attractions and accommodations. The forums of this app provide also much information about different destinations across the world. This app will also give users available information on the site. This includes syncing bookmarked pages and access to forums between the app versions and the web.

Google Translate

This app is important in breaking language barrier problems as travelers normally travel to new places. How is it used? All you just need is typing the specific words you seem not to understand and pick a target language you will need the words translated to. The most important thing with the app is that you can download your language pack in advance. What this entire means is that you can have the translation done even without being connected to the internet.

Rental24H app

This is another app that has left pleasant memories. For those planning for a trip anywhere, you need to rent a car that will lend to the best possible experience. With the use of this app, you will come across many different car models where you will choose the car of your taste.